The Entire Heirloom Collection
The Entire Heirloom Collection
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The Entire Heirloom Collection

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Each piece in The Heirloom Collection has been thoughtfully designed to compliment and pair with each and every piece in the collection, purchasing the entire collection includes


la esperanza; the third piece features a delicate satellite gold chain and an abstract evil eye hammered coin charm. It's the perfect piece for a simple jewelry look or for a statement look when layered with la concepcion herringbone gold chain.

and la elle; the final piece, a truly unique statement ring full of colliding emerald shaped baguettes and a row of round stones to add extra width, the ring has a fully adjustable back to wear on any finger. If you're a ring stacking girlie like me, this is a must for your collection

maker details: this jewelry is 14k gold fill, gold filled jewelry is second only to solid gold in terms of quality and is an affordable option for gold jewelry. With proper care, cleaning and storage your items will last a lifetime. "can" and "will" will be dependent on how your jewelry is cared for. A variety of factors can affect the longevity and beauty of your pieces. It is best to avoid swimming, excercising, showering and sleeping in your jewelry. I also reccomend putting your jewelry on after applying hairspray and perfume. 

 care: Remove any makeup and body oils that may collect on your piece by polishing with a soft cloth. If you know that your piece came in contact with a product like sunscreen, give it a quick rinse in warm water and dry with a soft cloth. To deep clean; soak your piece in a solution of warm water and mild dish liquid for about a minute. Allow to air dry and polish with a soft cloth.